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giving this a try   View profile
Older Dating Texas, TX profile I'm a 28yr single black, female, I'd categorize myself as on the thick side but in shape, caring, understanding, honest, and cute, I'm a shy person when I first meet someone until i warm up to them , I'm also an easygoing person and would like to come across someone that I can get along with by being myself always up for meeting new people and taking opportunities to do random things. I'm just looking for an all around nice mature guy that is between the ages of 27-37 'with a good sense of humor, smart, caring, honest and has good family values, im open to all races. I don't have high hopes at finding a nice guy via craigslist but giving it a try and seeing whats out there. If your interested Please send a picture for trade

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Man Of Quality   View profile
Hot Mature Ladies Texas, TX profile Hello: This posting is for a sincere man of quality- who would love the companionship of a classy, witty exotic beauty with brains. The gent of quality I seek is mature, sincere - kind - discreet - generous & knows how to treat a fine woman. Jewish is a plus--------Let's Talk.

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FWB program offerred for mature women over 50   View profile
MILF Dating Texas, TX profile I am a 30 year old Latino Beefcake looking to begin a FWB relationship with a woman over the age of 50. I have a GF that will be kept in the dark and am only looking for one woman please. We can satisfy our carnal needs and lusts with your maturity and sexual appetite combined with my youth and vigor. Let's establish a real frienship where sex can be a comfortable part of it as well.

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What I want...   View profile
Mature Dates Texas, TX profile I want something very simple and yet it seems elusive... It's that first cup of coffee, NY Times spread out on the bed, jazz playing in the background kind of love. It's that silence says everything kind of love. It's that "having a great time hanging out with the girls but can't wait to get home to see you" kind of love. It's the way love is supposed to be kind of love. I believe in ordering in and relaxing on the couch on Sunday afternoons, while watching whatever --even those ball games. I believe hugs and long slow deep kisses are the right answers to any question. I believe in being the consummate kid at heart. I believe in sensuality and intimacy. I believe romance is built and developed by two people over time and is a team sport all it's own. I believe in a lifetime of teasing and flirting. I am looking for a man who is comfortable with himself, appreciates the simple pleasures in life, shared intimacy, communication and appreciates my nature. I tend to gravitate towards others who are like me: at times spontaneous, comfortable in their own skin and aren't ashamed of those inner quirks we all have - we can't all be perfect. I want to sleep with you. Not in a one-night stand kind of way, but I really want to sleep with you. I want to hear you breathe. I want to go to work smelling like you, thinking about how good it feels when you lie behind me and you rest your chin against my shoulder and slip your arm under mine and press your hand against my chest. I want to have slow days, where there's no rush to get anywhere, but we go everywhere at our own speed. I want someone more smart ass than asshole, with a killer smile and devilish eyes. I want great conversations, but I want stupid one's too, where there's no point, but it rambles on until we exhaust ourselves laughing. Me? 5'7", White, BBW. I am kind, sensitive, compassionate, passionate, and mature. I am always smiling trying to find the humor in the things that life throws my way. I love smart men who are adventurous and confident, yet have a soft side too. I will do my best to make you laugh, help you relax, encourage you to think outside the box, encourage you to pursue and make your dreams a reality, make you want to be a better person, and make you want to make me a better person. What do you want?

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Mature minded and Real women only   View profile
GILF Dating Texas, TX profile Being in the dating scene recently has made me realize how many selfish and self centered plague this world. I understand a need for wanting to be wanted or needed but let's be real if that is all you are looking for than lying to someone about what you want is not a way to go about getting it. I want love and affection as much as the next person but I will be damned if I am going to lead someone on to believe something when its not what I actually want. At the end of the day those tactics not only make me look sad and pathetic but hurt the person I have led on. I have been down this road one to many times and honestly I am far to mature and intelligent to deal with bullshit any longer. Ladies if you are mature, and when I say mature I do not mean age based because I have met some younger women who are far more mature than their older counterparts. I mean mature minded, you have a head on your shoulders and can have a conversation that does not always involve how cute your shoes are or how you hope and pray that the new twilight movie is as good as the others. Mature meaning you can hold an intellectual conversation for longer than two minutes and it doesn't turn into a battle of wits but you smart enough to listen to others opinions and ideals and understand how others think and feel. That is a real woman, everyone today says "oh yea i'm mature because I have a car and a job". How does that make you mature? It shows your not lazy yea, but maturity is nowhere in that phrase. 16 year old teens can have a job and a car, it doesn't make them mature. Maturity comes from living life and knowing what you want and having an open mind to the world around you. If the top things you feel a guy should have are money, car and an apartment please keep moving. While I have money and my own things I really do not want someone who decides whether I am worth talking to based on these principle things. I understand not wanting to take care of someone better than most people because I have done it off and on for years so I get the "not wanting to be a sugar mama" mentality. But I have come across far to many people who feel that if you don't make enough money in their eyes, not driving a good car or don't live on your own you ain't worth their time and that is a clear cut sign of a gold digger. Now don't get offended because ladies I understand there are many men in this world who play the role and lead you on, I am in no way saying we are perfect or anywhere near. But for the decent guys out here who are good guys and have time for something real, if you ain't looking for the same thing then just keep it moving. Don't waste our time on a "maybe someday" type thing. I want someone who has time to talk to me, and I mean talk, not the occasional "hey, hows your day going" I mean have a phone conversation and really get to know one another. Hang out at a park or the marina and just talk. I am not looking for sex, sexual favors, money, or someone to take care of me. Right now it would be nice to find a woman who was interested in getting to know me as a person. Not looking at me and going "yea I could never talk to him" because your judging based on my looks, sitting down and talking to me and seeing who I am as a person. I feel I can do that for others, so why should I lower myself to being what they feel I should be. I am an awesome person with a personality of gold. I make a great friend and will bend over backwards for those who deserve it but do not take my kindness for weakness. I know who I am and want to be able to share who I am with someone special. Looks are not very important to me but I do prefer BBW women more so because I am a bigger guy and I like being around women who I don't have to worry if they are going to blow away in the wind. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MINE. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR A SIMPLE CONVERSATION OR ARE MORE CONCERNED WITH PICTURES AND WHERE I CAN TAKE YOU PLEASE KEEP IT MOVING. THIS AD IS FOR REAL MATURE WOMEN ONLY. IF YOU AIN'T MATURE DON'T BOTHER. To help me weed out spam put your favorite color in the title...

Age is just a number , but...

We all have an optimal age range we are looking at for a potential partner. Most seem to be looking in a 10 year range (+ or - 5 years of their age. My range, as stated in my Cupid Settings is 40 to 55. It is a range I use since generally I should have more life experiences in common with ladies in this age group. It does not mean I would just ignore someone out side this range just because of their age. I have found some ladies younger and older that this range that I have been attracted to and have a lot in common with. I do my best not to rule any Lady out as a possible match just because of their age.
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