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Mature Housewives in Kenner

true BBW for a mature & established MAN   View profile
Cougar Dating Louisiana, LA profile hello Gentlemen... As for me, I am a single, clean, sincere, hard working, down to earth, black female. I enjoy reading, shopping, listening to music, interior decorating, poetry, live concerts & plays, bowling, shooting pool, going to the movies, and taking care of my dog. With this ad my intent is to meet a man that is single, mature, truly tired of playing the field & hopping from woman to woman, has great hygiene, doesn't smoke, employed, has a vehicle, laid back, aggressive when necessary, has common sense, and believes in courting a woman. You must like animals, or at least dogs. I'm open to different races, 25-45 yrs old, and taller than 5'8. Please only respond to me if you're seriously looking for someone to spend time with and get to know. If you're looking for sex please DON'T EMAIL ME.

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A ONE MAN WOMAN   View profile
Mature Wives Louisiana, LA profile Searching for a SWM 52-62 years old that is intelligent, positive, honest & a loving man who is young at heart, with morals, and mature in his actions. A winning personality and great sense of humor is required. I'm looking for a long term relationship, not a fling. You must be unattached, I'm not into married men. I believe in a loving, physical relationship. Please be able to support yourself, as I do. I'm a SWF 52 yr old, blonde hair, 5'3" female that comes with a fantastic personality, a great sense of humor and a solid sense of who I am. I'm a positive person that knows how to treat people. I am Christian and still believe in old fashion dating and courtship. I want a companion, best friend, confident & partner. Your pic will get one in return. Thank you! And Happy New Year.

Mature Women Dating

Young- looking mature man   View profile
Dating for Seniors Louisiana, LA profile Recently widowed, (remarried and divorced). Professional, clean cut, avid about exercise (work out almost daily and a runner). Seeking opportunity to meet someone who is professional, sincere and honest, educated who can carry on an inteligent conversation. I have great sense if humor also. I was a caregiver to me wife of 28 years before she passed away. I have two grown children who live away. I am non-smoker and enjoy quiet dinner and occasional drink, esp wine I live alone and dread being alone for New Years, but that is about over anyway. Unfortunately I don't have pics to share (not computor savvy enough). If interested, we could share more about each other over a cup of coffee.

Mature Women Dating

The best friend I will ever have, my protector, my soul mate   View profile
Mature Lady Louisiana, LA profile About me; 27 and a lady in every sense of the word. I do not have children, although I do want to be a mom. I do not smoke or do any drugs, but do drink occasionally. I'm athletic and competitive - I'm also a Muay Thai/kickboxing fighter and was in the beginning stages of jiu jitsu before a motorcycle accident left me restricted from boxing during my recovery. I particularly love basketball (BULLS and TARHEELS!!). Very important to know, I am an animal lover; I have three dogs who are my babies, as well as a horse, a cat, and a bearded dragon. I love movies, and am content staying in cuddling on the couch while watching a movie. I have a perfect balance of many traits; I'm tough, strong, and hard core but yet I live in heels, get my nails done regularly, and always smell good. Another prime example is I am a very serious, professional woman, yet I am hilarious and can be downright childlike when you get me around my nieces and nephews. Aside from having the perfect balance to so many characteristics, I also have a drive and ambition about life that you don't often find these days. I have an appreciation for life, and a respect for the people in my life far beyond what most people can comprehend. I've had a very rough 5 years that have taught me many life lessons, and though I've always been a very mature individual, these lessons have made me grow in ways most people never will. I am a hopeless romantic, loyal to a fault, sensitive, empathetic, compassionate, and very kind-hearted. I have a huge heart, which tends to be more of a fault for me than a positive trait. I love affection from the person in my life; I'm extremely independent but I know how to tone it down and let my man do things for me so he can feel like the man he is. I wouldn't consider myself as conservative, I do have an edgy side to me. I appreciate these traits in a man. I've had a wonderful love in my life, and lost it through death; I have had my heart broken in more ways than one can imagine but I strongly believe in new beginnings, and I am ready for mine. What I'm looking for...physically, I like athletic men, typically a football player or fighter's build; men who work out definitely grab my attention. Height isn't important but I do prefer that you're my height (5'8) or taller. I have a weakness for shoulders, backs, and necks on a man; don't get me wrong, everything else is nice, too, but there's just something about the strength in a man's shoulders, and a great neck I can kiss. Great arms are appreciated, too, because I love to be held. I'm not attracted to "fuzzy" men (yes, that means I have a preference for minimal body hair); I like well-groomed men who love to smell intoxicating and know how to dress. Sure, I get that you don't live in dress clothes and you own sweats, t-shirts, and Jordans, but I'm a classy lady who loves to dress up so I would love a man who can dress equally as nice. I am attracted to men of all races/ethnicities (call me boy crazy, but I just love men), but I am most drawn to black men and men who have a unique look to them. I mention this because there just seem to be many racist idiots who have an intense hatred for interracial dating. Liars, cheaters, stalkers (I get a lot of these), and addicts (this is not directed solely to an alcoholic or drug addict, this expands to sex addicts, porn addicts, strip club addicts, and so forth)- I don't have the time, patience, or desire to deal with these issues. Mentally, I want a strong man who will be my protector, someone whom I can trust to always have my best interest at heart, who would never put me in a dangerous situation, and who shows an honest, deep concern for me. A loyal, faithful, honest man who genuinely understands the meaning of the word commitment. A family oriented man who is kind hearted, compassionate, sweet, loving, affectionate, and has a sense of humor. One who does not shy away from expressing his deepest thoughts, feelings, and emotions with me. A man who is intelligent, and this does not mean you must be a college grad; I don't measure intelligence by what college you attended or if you attended college at all. A man who can carry a conversation beyond sports or music; and while we're on the topic, if your taste in music ranges from Lil John to the Ying Yang Twins, please stop here. I enjoy Hip Hop but am not impressed with lyrics which degrade women and reflect poorly on a race as a whole. I am NOT saying I expect an opera fanatic as I'm not an opera fan myself. I love R&B, especially Robin Thicke and Brian McKnight. Moving on...I can't resist a man who is romantic and will bring me flowers for absolutely no reason at all, leave sweet notes hidden for me to find, give me a card that he made for me, and similar attempts to show me I'm being thought of. While I feel that initial physical attraction is what gets your interest, and physical attraction/chemistry IS essential in any relationship, I also want a mental stimulation that I will not get if men only respond to me based on my appearance. I would love to find a man who sees me as the most beautiful woman in the world, a man who is speechless and breathless when he sees me...but I also want a man who is stimulated by my conversation and what I bring to a relationship. I want that balance between being drawn to a man physically AND mentally, so please do send pictures with your response. I know, most of you are probably thinking I am looking for perfection, when in reality, I fully acknowledge that there is no such thing as a perfect man OR perfect relationship. There are things I can certainly compromise on, but the important things on, I expect to receive; I refuse to settle, as so many people do. I fully expect fights, arguments, and bad days. What I don't expect is a relationship that doesn't grow; if our arguments will resolve issues and help us improve, then that's a productive argument. But to fight for no reason, and without resolving anything is pointless; and don't get me started on yelling...if that's what you're about, please keep looking because I have no interest in a screaming match. I don't want a man who will walk away from a fight or argument; I want to resolve our issues as they develop, not run from them allowing them to get worse with time. I want our bad days to be just that; a bad day, not a bad week, bad month, or bad year. I want to live each day like it's our last, and I never want us to go to bed angry. I want a relationship that we can both be content with, one that will allow us to celebrate a 50 year anniversary and still be in love after all those years. I want that. If you share similar wants and views on how a relationship should be and also have the qualities I desire, I would love to hear from you. Please, do not respond asking questions which are already stated above and please do not respond with a 2 line response. I have provided you with a lot of insight to my soul and would appreciate that same information from you. I would like to know your personality, your likes/dislikes, your ambitions, what you're looking for from a woman and from a relationship, and so forth. I will not respond to you if you cannot take the time to provide me with sufficient information about yourself, so please have the courtesy to provide me with what you've received from me thus far. And as mentioned above, please do respond with a picture so we can get a general idea of where our physical attraction stands.

MilfDating in Kenner

Seeking pretty, mature, white woman   View profile
Mature Milfs Louisiana, LA profile I am a good looking African American Male, 6 foot 2 inches. Seeking a pretty, preferably Brunette woman between the age of 25-55. Just to give you a few characteristics: I like women with positive, fun attitudes who are willing to try new things. I love women who are curvy but not too big or fat. Can dress and act grown and sexy. I tend to consider myself a very tall and attractive man, I am looking for a woman who can match me in both style and attitude. I love women who have a fondness for shoes, more specifically high heels. I am recently out of a long term relationship, and I work very hard, therefore I dont have as much time as I need to date. I am looking for a casual date situation, if things progress than I am open, but I am not looking for a long term relationship. I am an honest man, with great values, but definitely has a great sexual appetite but I am very respectful and enjoy the company of beautiful, intelligent women. If you are interested, I would like to chat first via email to see if we like each others personalities and then we can exchange pics and see if we like each other. Please Reply to this with the following headline so i know you are serious and this isnt Spam: 'STRONG WOMAN, LOOKING FOR A STRONG MA N"

Young Men and Mature Women

In the short time I have been on this site I have noticed more than a few young men complaining that older women are giving them the brushoff. These males admittedly are 18 - 20 years old; the extreme bottom of the age range for this site. I want to weigh in with my opinion on this matter.

I believe that it is not the youthful vigour of their lovemaking that captures a mature woman's fancy as much as it is the ability to stimulate her on a mental plane. Certainly there are many women who lust after young dicks, but in the end they probably discover that it is not as good as the more total experience she recieves from a more worldly and mature man who is older.

I feel that the mental stimulation serves as a catalyst for the physical experience and more than makes up for any loss of vigour as a man gets older.
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